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Holy Week

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The first three days of Holy Week remind us of Christ's last instructions with his disciples. These teachings are remembered in the celebration of the Great [[Compline]], Matins, [[Hours]], and [[Liturgy]] during these days. The [[Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts]] celebrated these days includes readings from [[Exodus]], [[Book of Job|Job]], and [[Gospel of Matthew|Matthew]].
The Matins services of the evenings of Palm Sunday, Holy Monday, and Holy Tuesday, anticipating the events of the next day, share a common theme. These [[Christ The Bridegroom (O Nymphios)|Bridegroom]] Services are derived from the [[Parable ]] of the Ten Virgins, which calls for preparedness at the Second Coming, for the "thief comes in the middle of the night." (Matt. 26:1-13)
===Holy Wednesday===

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