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Greetings.  I am an Orthodox Christian, a very lapsed [[convert from Roman Catholic]] who is exploring Orthodoxy in all its deep gloriesCatholicism. Simultaneously, I am wondering whether the [[Eastern Catholic]] churches are able have come to offer me love and cherish the same deep level of spiritual satisfaction which I have found Holy Orthodox Church in Orthodox services. I have found this a great resource for a [[Wikipedia:geek|geeky]] type like me. You can find me on [[Wikipedia:User:Sensor|Wikipedia]] and also on the [[Commons:User:Sensor|Wikimedia Commons]]all its glory.
I have a peculiar attraction to photographing churches. Some of my work is featured on this page.
Research (courtesy of [ LiveJournal Connect]) has revealed that my extremely inactive [[Wikipedia:LiveJournal|LiveJournal]] is three or less degrees removed from those users on the OrthodoxWiki whose LiveJournals are advertised. It's a small world indeed.
Glory to God! S Nami Boh!
===Ecclesiastical questions===
* Trying to figure out how this fits in the picture: [ Orthodox Church of Canada in the USA - Archdiocese of Delaware and North American Missions] (obviously non-canonical)
* Whether the Churches of the East and West will ever come back into communion with each other. Who is John Galt?

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