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All material on '''OrthodoxWiki''' is by default released under the Creative Commons license listed above. For other licenses (especially for images), see [[Help:Image licenses]].
==OrthodoxWiki Copyright Policy==
Material contributed to OrthodoxWiki must either be original work by the contributor, who releases it by default under the above named Creative Commons License, or it must be released to OrthodoxWiki by explicit permission of the copyright holder.
To determine if use of outside material legally qualifies as '''Fair use''' under U.S. law, consult [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Fair use|Wikipedia:Fair use]]. Generally speaking, copyrighted material may be quoted if it is part of a larger work which cites the material and makes use of it for the purposes of comment on it.
Violations of copyright law on OrthodoxWiki are not tolerated. All material is the responsibility of the contributors to the site, so while the administration does the best it can to prevent violation of copyright law, some material may have slipped their notice. (See: '''[[OrthodoxWiki:Disclaimer]]'''.) If you own a copyright that is being violated on OrthodoxWiki, contact [[OrthodoxWiki:Administrators|the administration]] immediately so that the problem may be resolved.
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