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Cyril Lucaris

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Cyril Lucaris was born in Candia (Heraklion), Crete on [[November 13]], 1572 during the time Crete was occupied by the Venetian Republic. In his early youth he studied under a number of eminent scholars including Maximus Marguius, Bishop of Kythira. For his later education he traveled through Europe, studied at Venice, Padua, and Geneva. In Geneva, he came under the influence of the reformed faith as represented by [[John Calvin]]. He developed a great antipathy toward [[Roman CathilicCatholic]]ism after he had pursued theological studies in Venice, Padua, Wittenberg, and Geneva. In addition to being fluent in Greek, he learned Latin thoroughly during his student days.
He was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]] in 1593, when he was 21 years old and, later, was ordained a [[priest]] by Patriarch [[Meletius I Pegas of Alexandria|Meletius Pegas]], Patriarch of Alexandria.

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