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Orthodox Schools

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This page is intended for links to and information about '''Orthodox Schools''' up through college preparatory programs. Please see [[Seminaries and Theological Schools]] for higher-level education information.
==United States==
===West (AK, AZ, CA, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY)===
*[ St. John Orthodox Christian School ] K-6 Eagle River, AKAlaska*[ St. Timothy Orthodox Innocent's Academy] HS Kodiak, Alaska*[ Holy Trinity Academy K] PK-11 Fairfield3 Phoenix, CaliforniaArizona
*[ St. Lawrence Academy] K-12 Felton, California
*St. Nicholas School PK-8 Northridge, California
*[,1876,1639-104581-1-691,00.html Holy Trinity Orthodox School] K-8 San Francisco, California
*[ St. John of San Francisco Orthodox Academy] K-12 San Francisco, California
*[http://www.sainthermanschoolsjda.comnet/ Saint Herman St. John of Alaska SchoolDamascus Academy] K-12 Colorado Springs8 Santa Barbara, California*[ St. Michael's Orthodox School] Santa Rosa, ColoradoCalifornia*[ Agia Sophia Academy] PreK-2 Portland5 Beaverton, Oregon*[ St. Sophia School ] PK-6 Salt Lake City, Utah*[ Orthodox Christian Preparatory Academy] K-5 Seattle, Washington*[ St. Basil Academy of Classical Studies] K-8 Walla Walla, Washington*[ St. John of Kronstadt School] K-6 Yakima, Washington
===South (AL, AR, DC, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA, WV, PR)===*[ St. Gregory Nazianzen Orthodox Theological Institute - Ecumenical Patriarchate]
*Cathedral Day Care Nursery-K Birmingham, Alabama
*[ St. John Greek Orthodox Day School] Nursery-8 Tampa, Florida
*[ St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Parochial School] K-4 Tarpon Springs (Epiphany City), Florida*[ St. Nicholas Orthodox Academy ] K-12 Atlanta, Georgia*[ St. Clement Coptic Orthodox Academy] PK-8 Nashville, Tennessee
*[ Holy Trinity Academy] PK-2 Dallas, Texas
*[ St. Peter's Classical School] K-12 Fort Worth, Texas
*[ Annunciation Orthodox School] Preschool-8 Houston, Texas
*Annunciation Day School PreK-K, Atlanta, Georgia
===Northeast (CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VT)===
*[ St. Herman of Alaska Christian School ] K-8 Allston, Massachusetts*[ Little Halos Day School] Preschool & PreKindergarten Arlington, Massachusetts
*[ Theophany Orthodox Christian School] Preschool Dedham, Massachusetts
*Hellenic American School PK-6 Lowell, Massachusetts
*[ St. Demetrios Greek-American School ] PK-12 Astoria, New York
*Greek-American Institute Nursery-8 Bronx, New York
*Argyrios Fantis Parochial School PK-8 Brooklyn, New York
*D. and G. Kaloidis Parochials School of Holy Cross Orthodox Church Nursery-8 Brooklyn, New York
*[ Soterios Ellenas Parochial School ] Nursery-8 Brooklyn, New York
*Three Hierarchs Parochial School Nursery-8 Brooklyn, New York
*[ School of the Transfiguration] PK-9 Corona, New York
*The Cathedral School Nursery-8 New York, New York
*"C. Goulandris-T. Tsolainos" Greek Orthodox Parochial School of St. Spyridon PK-8 New York, New York
*[ Three Hierarchs Eastern Orthodox School] PK-4 Aliquippa/8 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*Saint Sophia Orthodox Christian Academy Johnstown, Pennsylvania
===Midwest (IA, IL, IN, KS, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI) ===
*[ Guardian Angel Orthodox Day School] PK-5 Des Plaines, Illinois
*[ Plato Academy] PK-8 Chicago, Illinois
*[ Socrates Greek-American School] PK-8 Chicago, Illinois
*Koraes Elementary School K-8 Palos Hills, Illinois
*[ Orthodox Christian Schools of Northeast Ohio] various Ohio
**St. Nicholas Orthodox School of Akron Holy Cross Preparatory Academy K-5 1 Akron, Ohio**Holy Trinity Orthodox Christian Academy K-6 Warren, Ohio
*[ St. Sava Orthodox School] Preschool-5 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
*Solon Greek-American School Nursery-K, Chicago, Illinois
*St. Sava Academy, PreK-8, Chicago, Illinois
*Kosmas Etolos Greek-American School, Preschool, Northfield, Illinois
===New South Wales===
*[ All Saints Grammar School] K-12 Belmore/Lakemba, NSW
*[ Oakleigh Greek Orthodox College] Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia
*[ Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox Day School] PK-8, Toronto, Ontario
*Socrates Greek Day Schools
# 5777 Wilderton Ave., Montreal, Quebec
# 11-11e rue, Roxboro, Quebec
# 5220 Grande Alee, St Hubert, Quebec
# 931 Emerson, Laval, Quebec
*Demosthenes Greek Day School, 1565 St. Martin W., Laval, Quebec
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