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Theodoros the Great Ascetic

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Our father among the [[saint]]s '''Theodoros the Great Ascetic'A Century '' (also known as '''Theodore of Spiritual TextsEdessa'''<br>1) was a [[monk]] of the [[monastery]] of [[Holy Lavra of St. Since by God's grace we have renounced Satan and his works and have sworn allegiance to Christ, both at our baptism and now again through our profession as monks, let us keep His commandmentsSavas (Jerusalem)|St. Not only does our double profesion demand this Savas]] near Jerusalem who became [[bishop]] of us, but it Edessa in Syria. His [[feast day]] is also our natural duty, for since we were originally created celebrated on [[July 9]] or [[July 19]]. [ His ''Life'' was written by God as Basil of Emesa]. The work ''A Century of Spiritual Texts'very good' (Gen 1: 31), we owe it to God to be such. Although sin entered us through our negligence and introduced into us what is included in contrary to nature, we have been reclaimed through Godthe ''Philokalia''s great mercy, and renewed by the passion of Him who is dispassionate. We believed to have been 'bought with a price' (1 Cor 6:20), namely written by St. Theodoros. In the blood middle of Christthe 9th century, and liberated from St. Theodore of Edessa [[conversion|converted]] the ancient ancestral sin. If"Saracen king, then we become righteous" Muawid, this is nothing great; but to fall from righteousness is pitiable and deserves condemnationone of the three sons of the Umayyad caliph Mutawakkil (847-861 A.<br>2D. Just as good act performed without genuine faith is quite dead and ineffective), so too faith alone without works of righteousness does not save us from eternal fire; for 'he who loves Me'to Orthodoxy, says [[baptism|baptizing]] him with the Lord, name 'will keep commandments' (cf John 14'' together with his three confidants. [http: 15//] {{stub}} ==Source==*''The [[Philokalia]]'', 23v. 2. ==External links==*[ St. Theodore the Bishop of Edessa] ([[OCA]])*[http://goarch. If then, we love the Lord and believe in Him, we shall exert ourselves to fulfil His commandments, so as to be granted eternal lifeorg/en/chapel/saints. But how can we call ourselves faithful if we neglect to keep His ordinancesasp?contentid=2348 Saint Theodore, which all creation, we are the only creatures who disobey the Creator and show ourselves ungrateful to our Benefactor?Bishop of Edessa] ([[GOARCH]]) [[Category:Bishops]][[Category:9th-century bishops]][[Category:Monastics]][[Category:Saints]][[Category:Byzantine Saints]][[Category:9th-century saints]]

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