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Church of Alexandria

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*His Eminence [[Gregory (Stergiou) of Cameroon|Gregory (Stergiou)]], Metropolitan of [[Archdiocese of Cameroon|Cameroon]], Exarch of Central Africa
*His Eminence [[Damaskinos (Papandreou) of Accra|Damaskinos (Papandreou)]], Archbishop of [[Archdiocese of Accra|Accra]]
*His Eminence [[Ioakeim (Kontobas) of Zambia|Ioakeim (Kontobas)]], Bishop of [[Diocese of Zambia|Zambia]]
===Diocesan Bishops===
*His Grace [[Ioakeim (Kontobas) of Zambia|Ioakeim (Kontobas)]], Bishop of [[Diocese of Zambia|Zambia]]
*His Grace [[Savvas (Heimonettos) of Burundi and Rwanda|Savvas (Heimonettos)]], Bishop of Burundi and Rwanda|Burundi]]
*His Grace [[Ignatios (Sennis) of Madagascar|Ignatios (Sennis)]], Bishop of [[Diocese of Madagascar|Madagascar]]
*[ History of the Patriarchate]
*[ The Metropolis of Cameroon Website] (Official site)
*[ Patriarchate of Alexandria website - Archdioceses]
*[ Patriarchate of Alexandria website - Dioceses]
*[ Eastern Christian Churches: Patriarchate of Alexandria] by Ronald Roberson, a Roman Catholic priest and scholar

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