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Church of Serbia

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independence= 1219 (lost in 1766), again in 1879 |
recognition= 1219 by [[Church of Constantinople|Constantinople]], again in 1879 |
primate=[[Pavle Irinej (StojcevicGavrilovic) of Serbia|Patriarch PavleIrinej ]]|
hq=Belgrade, Serbia|
territory=Serbia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Republic of Macedonia (disputed), Montenegro, Slovenia|
'''diocesan:''' Bishop Filaret
* '''Diocese of Niš''', with see in Niš
'''diocesan:''' [[Irinej (Gavrilovic) of Serbia|Bishop Irinej]] (Elected Patriarch on January 22, 2010)
* '''Diocese of Ras and Prizren''', with see in Prizren
'''diocesan:''' Bishop Dr Artemije

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