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Anatoly Chistousov

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[[Image:Chistousov.jpg|thumb|Fr. Anatoly at the [[Michael Archangel church ]] destroyed during fights]]
'''Fr. Anatoly Chistousov''' (in world ''Anatoly Ivanovich Chistousov'', born 1953, Kirov — killed [[February 14]], 1996, village Old Achkhoy, Chechnya) was a priest of Russian Orthodox Church, a rector of Michael Archangel church of city of Grozny, martyred in Chechnya.
On the end of first days of the captivity the prisoners under the offer of Father Anatoly made the Eucharist with available for them bread, consecrating it with their prayers to Body of Christ so that to have possibility to partake further.
From memoirs of Fr. Sergius: «When we shared the Sacrament, Father Anatoly extraordinary expressively looked at me, and I saw: there was occured with him that is called as [[uncreated light|transfiguration]]. The face of father Anatoly became surprisingly light, his widely opened eyes were full unprecedented before of light. He said: «Listen, brother, for this happiness is to suffer for the Christ, to die with His name on lips»<ref name=%252526quot25252526quot%25253Bpobeda2525253Bpobeda%252526quot25252526quot%25253B2525253B%252526gt25252526gt%25253B2525253B[http%25253A2525253A%25252F2525252F%25252Fwww2525252Fwww%25252Epobeda2525252Epobeda%25252Eru2525252Eru%25252Fcontent2525252Fcontent%25252Fview2525252Fview%25252F13152525252F1315%25252F102525252F10%25252F 2525252F Life of the priest Anatoly Chistousov]</ref>.
Further the prisoners was divided from each other. Fr. Anatoly was exposed to torture, but did not stipulated himself and not renounced belief and, as a result, has been shot by bandits. He was martyred in February 14th, 1996.

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