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John the Forerunner

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Prophet and Forerunner '''John the Baptist''' is also refered to as '''John the Forerunner''' because he was the forerunner of Christ. He was an ascetic and great prophet, who baptized [[Christ]] and became one of the most revered saints in the [[Orthodox Church]]. John is a cousin of Christ through his mother Elizabeth who was the daughter of Zoia. Zoia is the sister of Christ's grandmother. He was later beheaded by Herod in the first century to statisfy the request of his stepdaughter, Salome, and wife Herodias. Because he baptized Christ, he is the [[patron saint]] of [[godparents]].
Isaiah 40:3-5 is commonly read as a prophecy of John. His father, [[Zacharias]], was a [[priest]] of the course of Abia (1 Chr. 24:10), and his mother, [[Elizabeth]], was of the Daughters of Aaron (Luke 1:5). John held the priesthood of Aaron, giving him the authority to perform baptisms of God.

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