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Panteleimon (Nizhnik)

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*1930 Spring: Hmk Panteleimon quits his job and moves to Jordanville.
*1930: Holy Trinity Monastery is established with the blessing of Abp Apollinarius of North America. with 5 brethren (including Hmk Panteleimon).
*1935 Pentecost: On the day after Pentecost, the consecration of the church and monastery was held, led by Bp [[Vitaly (Maximenko)of Jersey City|Vitaly (Maximenko)]]. At the end of the Liturgy, smoke was seen at the second floor of the monastic house. In a few hours, everything had burnt to the ground.
*1946: After many trials that the monastery was led into, and after the monastery was taken from those trials by God's grace and providence, Archim. Panteleimon ends his abbacy at Holy Trinity Monastery.

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