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Nikon (Rklitski) of Florida

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In 1944, when the advance of the Soviet forces against the Germans began to threaten Yugoslavia, Fr. Nikon joined with the [[Holy Synod]] in a retreat, first to Karlsbad and then on to Munich. While in Karlsbad, he joined with the brotherhood of the Monastery of St. Job of Pochaev from Ladomirovo. After joining them, Fr. Nikon was elevated to [[Igumen]].
He and the Synod then evacuated to Switzerland. While in Switzerland he was appointed secretary to the Holy Synod. In 1946, Igumen Nikon was elevated to [[archimandrite]] and moved to [[Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanville, New York)|Holy Trinity Monastery]] in Jordanville, New York and was appointed secretary to Archbishop [[Vitaly (MaxinmenkoMaximenko) of Jersey City|Vitaly (Maximenko)]].
In 1948, Archim. Nikon was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] Bishop of Florida and [[vicar]] Bishop of Eastern America. In 1959, he was elevated to [[archbishop]]. In 1967, Bp. Nikon was appointed Archbishop of Washington and Florida and made a member of the Holy Synod. Abp. Nikon reposed on [[September 17]], 1976.
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