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Vitaly (Maximenko) of Jersey City

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==Biographical timeline==
[[Image:maximenko.jpg|frame|Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko)]]
*1873[[August 8]]: Vasily was born on the shores of Azov Sea to [[Deacon]] John Vasilievich Maximenko and Evfrosinia Feodorovna Maximenko as the fourth child of a seven child family.
*1879: Vasily's father, Dcn John, reposed as a result of pleurisy contracted while fishing.
*1880: Vasily's mother reposed from grief. Vasily's orphan wanderings began.
::[[December 2]]: Fr Vitaly appointed a teacher of the law of God, head of the printing press and a member of the spiritual court of Pochaev Lavra.
*1903: Archimandrite Vitaly appointed editor of the Pochaev Newsletter (Pochaevskii Listok) and the official section of the Volynia Diocesan Bulletin (Volynskie eparkhial'niye vedomosti).
*1908: Fr. Vitaly established a memorial skete and church at the spot of the "Cossack Graves" near Berestechko where the cossacks of Hetman Bogdon Khmelnitsky fell in 1651 in a battle with the Poles.
*1910: Archim. Vitaly appointed editor of Russian Monk (Russkiy inok).
*Archim. Vitaly organised a publishing brotherhood and expanded Pochaev's publishing work.
*Archim. Vitaly arrested twice. First imprisoned with Metropolitan Anthony and Archbishop Evlogy in the [[Unis|Uniate]] [[monastery]] of Buchach, then inside the walls of the church of the Cossack Graves, which he had built. Not allowing him to finish serving the Liturgy, his arresters led him to the underwater dungeon in Demblin, where he suffered interrogation and beatings. Fr Vitaly performed the Liturgy there, using his chest in place of an antimension. Through intercessions of other kind people, he evaded execution. On release, he served in the [[diocese]] of Belostok under Bp Vladimir.
*Met. Anthony, through the help of the Serbian [[Patriarch]], sponsored Archim. Vitaly to come to Serbia; from there, he went to Ladomirovo, Chezhoslovakia, called Vladimirovo by the Russians. He settled in a peasant hut, but a monastery formed around him. A printing press was given to him by the Lemkovo Student Committee.
*1928: In Vladimirovo, Fr. Vitaly baptized Vasily Skurla, later Metr. Laurus (Skurla) of New York of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
*1932: A Serbian bishop, Bp Damascene, consecrated the premises where Archim. Vitaly lived.
*1933: The Russian Church Press of St Job of Pochaev was incorporated and registered with the government - having been founded in 1618 and being run until 1918, it was reestablished in 1933. At the same time, he worked with formerly-Uniate parishes. The [[Church of Serbia]] had jurisdiction over these parishes, while the ROCOR had jurisdiction over the monastery and press.
*1933: Abp Apollinary (KoshovoiKoshevoy) reposed. After approximately six times that Archim. Vitaly refused the episcopacy, Met. Anthony told Archim. Vitaly that unless he accepted consecration as the bishop of America to replace Abp Apollinary, Met. Anthony would refuse to be his spiritual father. Archim. Vitaly accepted the consecration.
*1934: Abp Vitaly, for the sake of peace, removed the suspensions on [[Platon (Rozhdestvensky) of New York|Metropolitan Platon]] and his vicars.
::[[May 6]]: Archimandrite Vitaly [[Consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] Bishop of the ROCOR [[diocese]] in the United States. ::[[October 15]], Bp. Vitaly arrived in New York City. ::[[December 27]], he incorporated the diocese.*1935: Through the efforts of Abp Vitaly, the Metropolia enters/returns to ROCOR.Bp. Vitaly participated in the ROCOR council of bishops in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.*1936: Participated in the consecration of [[Antony (Bashir) of New York|Antony (Bashir)]] of the Antiochian diocese in America. *1948: Abp. Vitaly became the first [[abbot]] of the [[Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanville, New York)|Holy Trinity Monastery]] in Jordanville, New York. ::October 13, he opened the [[Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary (Jordanville, New York)|Holy Trinity Theological Seminary]] at the monastery. Participated in the consecration of Archimandrite [[Michael (Konstantinides) of America|Michael (Konstantinides)]] as the Archbishop of the Greek Archdiocese of America.*1960 March 21: Archbishop Vitaly of Eastern America and Jersey City reposed peacefully. ==Source==*[ Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko)]
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