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Mary of Egypt

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[[Image:Zosimas and Mary of Egypt.jpg|right|frame|Sts. Zosima and Mary of Egypt]]
Our mother among the saints, '''Mary of Egypt''' provides us with a beautiful example of [[metanoia]], or conversion. She lived during the sixth century, and passed away in a remarkable manner in 522. The Church celebrates her [[feast day]] on the day of her repose, [[April 1]].
She began her life as a young woman who followed the passions of the body. After a heart-felt [[conversion]] at the doors of a church, she fled into the desert to live as an [[ascetic]]. At the end of her life, she met the [[priest]] St. [[Zosima]] in the desert, who learned of her life. After her death, he delivered this story to his fellow [[monk]]s. Later, the story of her life was written down by St. Sophronius, [[Patriarch]] of Jerusalem.
The ''Life of St. Mary of Egypt'' is read during [[Great Lent]] along with the [[Great Canon]] of St. [[Andrew of Crete|Andrew]].
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