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Genuine Greek Orthodox Church of America

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The American Metropolis of the Genuine Greek Orthodox Church of America is an autonomous [[diocese]] of the [[Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece]] (GOC). It is also known as the Hellenic Orthodox Traditionalist Church of America, or simply as the Greek Old Calendarist Church.
Prior to the establishment of this diocese, there were still several independent Greek parishes in North America that had not been regularized by [[Athenagoras I (Spyrou) of Constantinople|Archbishop Athenagoras]], who had been going from parish to parish for several years, bringing independents into the fold of the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America|Greek Archdiocese]]. These independent parishes sometimes looked to Greece for [[priest]]s, and sometimes turned to [[episcopi vagantes|vagante bishops]] such as [[Christopher ContageorgeContogeorge]]. The situation in general in the 1930's and 40's was one of ecclesiastical confusion, and [[Old Calendarism]] ''per se'' could be seen in some cases as a side effect of the parish remaining independent rather than as a purely idealogical position.
== Arrival of Archimandrite Petros ==

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