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Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral (Chicago, Illinois)

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'''Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral''' serves as the [[cathedral]] church for the [[Diocese]] of Chicago and the Midwest of the [[Orthodox Church in America|OCA]], of which His Eminence, the Most Reverend [[Job (Osacky) of Chicago|Job]], a Chicago native, currently serves served as [[archbishop]]until his repose in December 2009. The diocese is currently vacant. Holy Trinity was built under the leadership of Fr. [[John Kochurov]], and was consecrated in 1903 by Bishop [[Tikhon of Moscow|Tikhon]] of the Diocese of Alaska, Orthodox [[Church of Russia]].
Fr. John served in Holy Trinity until 1907 when he returned to Russia where he continued as a [[priest]] and educator and eventually was [[martyr]]ed early in the Bolshevik takeover. Bishop Tikhon returned to Russia in 1907, and was elected [[Patriarch]] of the Orthodox Church of Russia in 1917, the first Patriarch elected since the time of Tsar Peter the Great.

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