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Three Holy Children

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Before this event, Daniel interpreted a mysterious dream Nebuchadnezzar had of a statue composed of precious metals which was ground to dust by a rock hewn from a mountain without human craftsmanship. This vision is said to prefigure of [[Jesus Christ|Christ's]] [[incarnation]], the Son of God who is begotten and not made, destroying death through His [[Resurrection]].
The [[Orthodox Church|Church]] also teaches that it was Christ taking the form of an angel who saved the youths from their torment. In [[icon|icons]] of this miracle, the angel sports a halo bearing a cross, indicating that He is Christ. The song of the three children is alluded to in odes seven and eight of the [[canon]] in [[matins]] and on other occasions in liturgical season. The reading of the story of the furnace, including the song[[Prayer of the Three Holy Children]], is prescribed for the [[Vespers|vesperal]] [[Divine Liturgy]] celebated by the Church on [[Holy Saturday]].
[[Troparion]] (Tone 2)

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