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Pahor Labib

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Pahor and Pope Shenouda III
==Tel Atrib==
A great Cathedral named after St Mary was constructed in Tel Atrib near the city of Benha in the Delta, Lower Egypt. There are many records of the magnificence of this Cathedral such as that the capitals of the marble pillars were covered with gold. This Cathedral was destroyed by the Arabs at during their invasion of Egypt. Pope Cyril VI and also Pope Shenouda III were keen for the area to be excavated. Excavations went on for years with the help of a Polish excavation group from the University of Warsaw. Locals encouraged by officials took over the area and covered the site that is used now for agriculture.
==Pahor and Pope Shenouda III==
Dr Labib used to teach at the Archeology institute and Pope Shenouda, before being ordained, attended Pahor’s lecture lectures for one year. Pope Shenouda appointed Pahor on to the committee that was investigating the relics of St John the Baptist in St Makarious Monastery in Nitria.
==Director of the Coptic Museum==

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