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Timeline of Orthodoxy in Russia

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* 1917 [[Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky) of Kiev and Gallich|Vladimir of Kiev]] announces [[Tikhon of Moscow|Tikhon]] as Patriarch of Moscow.
== Russian Orthodox Church during Communist state Era (1917-1991)==
* 1917 [[All-Russian Church Council of 1917-1918|All-Russian Church Council]] elects Metropolitan [[Tikhon of Moscow]] as Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia.
* 1918 Bolshevik forces vie for control of Kiev damaging many [[church]]es and [[monastery|monasteries]] by cannon fire; The Bolsheviks seize the Kiev Caves Lavra, [[January 23]]; [[Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky) of Kiev and Gallich|Vladimir of Kiev]] is murdered, [[January 25]]; The Grand Duchess [[Elizabeth the New Martyr]] <ref>Source: "A LIFELONG PASSION, NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA THEIR OWN STORY"., Andrei Maylunas and Sergi Mironenko., Doubleday, New York., February 1997., pp. 638-639).</ref> is murdered, [[July 17]].
* 1990 † [[Pimen I (Izvekov) of Moscow]]; murder of Fr. [[Alexander Men]]; first Orthodox service in seventy years held in [[St. Basil's Cathedral (Moscow)|St. Basil's Cathedral]].
== Post-Communist Era: Russian Orthodox Church after the collapse of the Soviet Union Resurgent (1991-Present) ==
* Discrimination of the orthodox in West Ukraine, restoration of so called Greek-Catholic church.
* Church [[schism]] in Ukraine (formation of so called Kievan Patriarchate, UAOC etc)

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