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St. Paul's Monastery (Athos)

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The '''Monastery of St. Paul''' is one of twenty monasteries on the [[Mount Athos]] peninsula and is located on the western foot of the peninsula at the base of a spectacular cliff. It is thirteenth in hierarchical rank among the monasteries. The name of St. Paul is derived from the founder, St [[Pavlos Xeropotaminos]] (in English, Paul).
The [[monastery]] was founded in the tenth century by St Pavlos Xeropotaminos, and first mentioned in 972. A traditional rivalry with Great Lavra developed, evidently due to the controversies surrounding the advocacy of the 'super' monastery style by St. Athanasios of Great Lavra. After being founded, it is again mentioned in 1259; after the Catalan raids, St. Paul's was downgraded to a [[Monastic dwellings (Athos)|kellion]], only to be raised again in the third quarter of the 1300s. Serbian rulers supported the monastery in the 1400s; after [[Fall of Constantinople|1453]], rulers of Eastern Europe supported the monastery.
Due to the various attacks around and near the [[Mount Athos|Holy Mountain]], St Paul's was partially destroyed many times. There was also a particularly destructive fire at the end of the 19th Century. Some of the buildings,including the main Katholikon, that constitute the current monastery have been rebuilt, and all the buildings date from different periods of history.
[[el:Ιερά Μονή Αγίου Παύλου]]
[[fr:Monastère d'Aghiou Pavlou(Mont Athos)]][[ro:Mănăstirea Sfântul Pavel (Muntele Athos)]]

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