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[[Image:St Eugene Chapel.jpg|thumb|200px|right|]]The Church of the icon Icon of the Mother of God «Seeking Out of the Lost» (also named ''Chapel of saint St. Yevgeny'', ''часовня св. Евгения'') is an orthodox Orthodox [[temple ]] in Kharkov, located in on the square near subway station "Nauchnaya" at crossing of Lenin prospectus Prospect and Kultury street Street near a monument to the soldiers-internationalists who were had perished in Afghanistan.
The Kharkov regional union of veterans of Afghanistan has acted as the initiator of the offer on to erect a [[chapel erection to ]] in memory of the soldiers-participants who had perished of in local wars and in honour honor of Russian soldier [[Yevgeny Rodionov]] martyred [[martyr]]ed in Chechnya for refusal of acceptance of refusing to accept [[Islam]]. Consecration of the site of building has taken took place on [[December 3]], 2007<ref>[ Новость об освящении часовни на официальном сайте Харьковского горсовета]</ref>. During the blessing of the chapel in the Summer of 2008 on blessing of the metropolitan , Metropolitan Nikodim of Kharkov Nikodim made the decision to transform the chapel to into a temple on with the capacity of 250 persons was accepted. The [[church ]] was offered to consecrate consecrated in honour honor of an icon the Icon of Mother of God "[[Seeking Out of the Lost]]"<ref>[ Вместо часовни в честь мученика Евгения будет храм]</ref>. The temple complex should will also include also a belltower bell tower and a park at the church.
On The church was consecrated on [[August 23rd23]], 2008, in the Day of liberation of Kharkov from fascist aggressors, . [[Archpriest]] Alexander Zaika wasn appointed as [[rector]] of the church has been consecrated.
Archpriest Alexander Zaika had been appointed as prior of the church.
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