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José Muñoz-Cortes

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[[Image:Bro Jose Munoz.jpg|right|thumb|Brother Jose Muñoz-Cortes, with the Montreal Iveron Icon of the Mother of God.]]
'''Jose Muñoz-Cortes''' (1950, Chile - 1997, Greece) was a Chilean [[conversion|convert]] to Orthodox Chrisitianity Christianity who became interested in [[monasticism]], and became the guardian of the miracle-working myrrh-streaming Iveron Icon of the Mother of God (Montreal Icon). He was [[martyr]]ed on [[October 31]] in his hotel room in Athens, Greece.
Brother Joseph felt an immediate and strong attraction for an icon of the [[Mother of God]], a contemporary (1981) copy of the ancient and revered [[Panagia Portaitissa|Iveron Icon]]. It was one of the first icons which had been painted at this skete, by one Fr. Chrysostomos in 1981. He was disappointed to learn that it was not for sale, but to his great joy, as he was leaving the skete, [[Abbot]] Clement, unexpectedly handed the icon to him, saying that it pleased the [[Mother of God]] to go with him to America.
[[Image:Brother Jose - Monument.JPG|rughtright|thumb|Brother Jose's gravesite and monument.]]
Back in Montreal, Brother Joseph began reading an [[akathist]] daily before the icon. A few weeks later, on [[November 25]], he awoke and smelled a strong fragrance. The new icon was streaked with [[myrrh]], miraculously emanating from the hands of the Mother of God.

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