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George (Karslidis) of Drama

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[[Image:GeorgeKarslidis1.jpeg|right|thumbnail|St. George (Karslidis) the New Confessor of Drama]]Saint '''George (Karslidis) the New Confessor of Drama''' (π. Γεώργιος Καρσλίδης ) was born in Argyroupolis, Pontos in 1901 of pious parents, Savva Karslides and Sophia. At baptism he received the name ''Athanasius''. He is known to have been in Georgia, Armenia and Russia before spending most of his life in the village of Sipsa (now identified as ''Taxiarches'') in Drama of Northern Greece. He established a small monastery there and slept in the Lord [[November 4]], 1959. He was [[glorified]] by the [[Church of Constantinople|Patriarchate]] on [[November 2]], 2008at the Monastery of the Ascension in Sipsa. The elder was well known for his miracles and prophecies. The church commemorates his memory [[November 4]]. He is one of few saints known to bear an imprint of the sign of the cross on his skull.
*"If you pray without giving alms, your prayer is dead. Your hands should always be open. Give alms to orphans and widows. Alms and prayers go together."
*"Strive to intensify your faith, and during the Divine Liturgy be undistracted and attached to the celebration of the service so that you might be granted to behold the majesties of God."
*"Neither should wealth impress you, nor honor, but always walk justly. Eat your bread with your honorable sweat and not through unjust means. The things you gain honorably, do not squander aimlessly. Live honorably and humbly, and as much as possible extend your hands in charity.... Knock on the doors of the poor, the sick, the orphans. You should prefer the homes of the afflicted to the homes of the joyous. If you do good works, you will have a great reward from God."
*"Love all your fellow men, even your enemies. This is the most basic thing. Always love not only those who love us, but also those who hate us. Let us forgive them and love them all even if they have done us the greatest evil; then we are truly children of God. Then our own sins are also forgiven...Always preach love. This is the most basic law of God: love and love alone."
*"God cares for everyone. Despair is in effect a lack of faith."
*"The Panagia does not want big candles, she wants charity shown to the poor."
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