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Makarios (Tillyrides) of Kenya

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On [[September 13]], 1998, Bp. Makarios was elected Metropolitan [[Archbishop]] of Zimbabwe, and then assigned in February 2001 to the [[see]] in Nairobi of the Archdiocese of Kenya as Archbishop of Kenya.
Abp. Makarios is a proficient linguist, speaking, in addition to his native Greek, English, French, Russian, Italian, as well as a number of African dialects. He has written extensively, primarily on past and current ecclesiastical history of the ancient patriarchates, Cyprus, and Russia. He has served as dean and taught at the Orthodox [[Orthodox Patriarchal Ecclesiastical School of Makarios III|Patriarchal Seminary of Archbishop Makarios III]] in Nairobi. While dean of the [[seminary]] he initiated a program whereby the students translated the Orthodox services into more than fifteen African dialects.
Abp. Makarios has spoken that his missionary efforts are not proselytizing but done through invitations to the people to come to see what the Orthodox services are like and then make their decisions. He combines both the Greek language and the local dialect in his services.
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