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Armenian Rite

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The '''Armenian Rite''' is an independent [[liturgy]]. This rite is used by both the [[Armenian Apostolic Church|Armenian Orthodox]] and [[Armenian Catholic Church|Armenian Catholic]] Churches; it is also the rite of a significant number of [[Eastern Catholic Churches|Eastern Catholic]] Christians in the [[Republic of Georgia]].
The liturgy is patterned after the directives of [[Gregory the IlluminatorEnlightener|Saint Gregory the Illuminator]], founder and [[patron saint]] of The Armenian Church. Unlike the [[Byzantine Rite|Byzantine Church]], churches of the Armenian rite are usually devoid of [[icon]]s and have a curtain concealing the priest and the [[altar]] from the people during parts of the [[liturgy]], an influence from early apostolic times. The use of bishop's [[mitre]] and of unleavened bread, is reminiscent of the influence Western missionaries once had upon both the [[miaphysite]] Orthodox Armenians as well as upon the Armenian Rite Catholics.
== Source ==
*[ Wikipedia - Armenian Rite]

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