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[[Image:ThinkdBefore.jpg|thumb|Fedya (Derek J. Power)]]
== About Derek (Fedya) ==
I was born on [[September 6]] 1982 in Great Falls, MT, USA and was raised in the United Methodist Church. Right before attending William and Mary, I had an interest in learning more about the Orthodox Church. On [[November 9]] 2002, I was received into the Orthodox Church - specifically at Ss. [[Constantine the Great|Constantine]] and [[Helen]] Greek Orthodox Church in Newport News, VA (hence the numbers in my username). My chrism name is Theodoros after St. [[Theodore the Studite]] and within the Church, I much prefer to be called Fedya (the Russian diminutive). I attend services primarily [[Protection of the Holy Mother of God]] Orthodox Church in Falls Church, VA where I serve as the Choir Director and one of the high school teachers.
Aside from theology, Currently I'm working on an exciting new project. The larger scheme is that I am want to make "cinematic ikons" or films serve very interested in music similar functions and purposes as traditional ikons. I have several ideas of what to either make for myself or what I would like to help make. This includes three possible films about repentance. The first one - and this is the one I'm immediately working on - is entitled ''Omnvendelsen'' [Danish: repentance]. This film will be shot not only as a cinematic ikon (the story and the characters will be focused on repentance) but also as a Dogme95 film(technical minimalism: no additional lighting, handheld camera, only diagetic sound, etc.). The screenplay has already begun and should be completed some time in early 2006. Production is projected to start mid-2006. My other favorite academic subjects interests (other than theology, music and film) also include history and philosophy and I have also shown interest in art, economics, government, international affairs, literature, neurology, physics, poetry, politics and psychology.
== External Links ==
*[[Filioque#The_Filioque_as_heresy|Filioque: The ''Filioque'' as heresy]]
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