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Lazar (Puhalo) of Ottawa

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Biographical timeline
*1985: The parish of St Nicholas, Langley, British Columbia, appealed to the monastery for help and for a priest, and so became the second English-language Orthodox parish in Western Canada.
*Because of the unavailability of locally obtainable pure beeswax candles, Fr Varlaam built a small candle factory to produce hand-dipped, pure beeswax candles in the parishes and the monastery.
*1987: Fr. Lazar joins the [[Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece]](a.k.a., the Greek [[Old Calendarists]]), and is raised to the status of archimandrite by Metropolitan Paisios of North and South America.*1990: After leaving the Synod of Archbishop Chrysostomos IIGreek Old Calendarist Church, Fr Lazar consecrated [[bishop]] by the independent [[Holy Synod of Milan]].{{ref|2}}
*1991 Nov: After a search, the Monastery was able to acquire an illustrious property that the monastery rests on today. The property was named ''New Ostrog'', and the candle factory was dedicated to the protection of St Vasili of Ostrog.
*1996: The monastery moved under the omophorion of the schismatic [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kiev Patriarchate)]]. Patriarch Volodymyr (Romaniuk) elevated Bp Lazar to Archbishop, and consecrated Fr Varlaam as Bishop of Vancouver befor his death in 1995.

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