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Evangelical Orthodox Church

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The '''Evangelical Orthodox Church''' (also known as the ''EOC'') is a non-canonical group with roots in evangelical Protestantism which incorporates elements of Orthodoxy as well as Roman Catholicism, Lutheranism, and Anglicanism in its worship and doctrine.  The greater part of the church, under the leadership of then-bishop [[Peter GilquistGillquist]], was received by [[chrismation]] into communion with the [[Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America|Antiochian Archdiocese ]] in 1987, becoming the Antiochian Evangelical Orthodox Mission (AEOM), a distinctive group of parishes which has since been regularized into normal status within the archdiocese. Many of the former leaders of the EOC have become active and well-known leaders in the archdiocese, especially in missions work. A handful of bishops refrained from this movejoining with Antioch, and continue to exist under the EOC name Evangelical Orthodox Church, though a few parishes have also subsequently joined the [[OCA]]. This group continues to serve as a bridge to Orthodoxy, occasionally seeing entire communities brought into the Church at once, as happened with St. John the Forerunner (formerly Holy Trinity) parish in Indianapolis and its outlying missions in 2002.
==External links==
* [ Parish history] of St. Athanasius Orthodox Church of Santa Barbara, CA.
* [ Information about the EOC] at, an independent website administered by former EOC members. Includes articles by former EOC members reflecting on their time in the EOC.
==Additional Resources==
 * GilquistGillquist, The Rev. Peter, ''Becoming Orthodox: A journey Journey to the ancient Ancient Christian faithFaith.'' Conciliar Press: 2002. ISBN 0962271330
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