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Theodosius (Putilin) of Sydney

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The future Archbishop Theodosius was born into a family of a [[priest]] and received his religious education in pre-Bolshevik Russia. However, he did not enter the [[clergy]] as the bishop to whom he applied for ordination refused at the time, saying, "If it pleases the Lord to call you to His service, He will call you at the appropriate time. But do not ignore His call."
His calling to the priesthood came when he was living in Germany after World War II. After preparation under the tutelage of [[Protopriest]] [[Andrew (Rymarenko) of Rockland|Adrian Rymarenko ]] and [[Archimandrite]] [[Dimitri (Biakay)]], he was [[ordination|ordained]] to the [[diaconate]] and then to the priesthood.
Emigrating to Australia in 1951, Fr. Theodosius was assigned to Western Australia to serve the Church in the city of Perth with zeal and love for many years. The community of the [[parish]] came to endear him as it grew into the magnificent Church of SS Peter and Paul that they built.
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