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'''Ordination''' is a [[Holy Mysteries|sacrament]] (or one of the [[holy mysteries]]) of [[holy orders]]. The Greek word used for ordination is "cheirotonia", which means "the laying on of hands". Members of a [[Major orders|major order]]β€”[[bishop]], [[priest]], and [[deacon]] and a [[subdeacon]], which is of the [[minor order]]β€”are ordained during a [[Divine Liturgy]] by a bishop, who is usually assisted by several priests. According to Orthodox teaching, the process of ordination begins with the local [[congregation]]; but the bishop alone, who acts in the name of the universal Church, can complete the action.
== Episcopacy ==
Candidates for the episcopacy are consecrated by three bishops (or at the very least two) to be bishops. The Quinisext Council decreed that bishops should be monks, and if anyone chosen is not, they need to be made one. A bishops bishop's vestments include wearing the klobuk and the mandiya, which are monastic garments.
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