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Seraphim of Uglich

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Semyon Nikolayevich Samoilovich was born [[July 19]] of either 1881, 1882, or 1885 (sources differ) into a family of a [[parish]] [[priest]] in Poltava province of Russia. After attending local schools, Semyon enrolled in the Poltava Theological Seminary from which he graduated in 1902. After graduation Semyon was sent as a missionary to the [[Diocese]] of Aleutian Island and North America as teacher under the diocesan [[bishop]] [[Tikhon of Moscow|Tikhon (Bellavin)]]. In 1905, Semyon elected to become a [[monk]] and was [[tonsure]]d, receiving the name Seraphim. A month later he was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]]. A year later in 1906 he was ordained a [[priest]].
During his time in Alaska, Fr. Seraphim took a number of assignments for which the dates are not clear. For a while he taught at the school in Unalaska in the Aleutian Islands, then at Sitka in 1905. In late 1906, he was assigned to the Nugeka mission before returning the Sitka to teach Scriptures and theology at the [[seminary]] during 1907 and 1908. By 1908, Fr. Seraphim’s health began to be affected by the harsh Alaskan climate, and he returned to Russia.
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