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Mitrophan Yang

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[[Image:MitrophanJiJul1882.jpg|right|thumb|St Mitrophan, first Chinese priest and Martyr of the Boxer Rebellion.]]
[[image:Mitrophan.jpg|right|157px|St Mitrophan, the spiritual father and one of the Chinese Martyrs of the Boxer Rebellion.]]
Our righteous father, hieromartyr '''Mitrophan Yang''' (Chinese Yang Ji 楊吉, some sources have Yang Jizhong or Yang Jisong) (1856-1900) was the first Chinese [[ordination|ordained]] a [[priest]] in the [[Church of China]]. He was one of the many [[martyr]]s of the Yihetuan Movement (Boxer Rebellion) Uprising, whose collective [[feast day]] is [[June 11]].
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