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* [ The KJV Septuagint] - a revision of the KJV text according to the Septuagint from an Orthodox source in the UK. The psalter is linked here.
* [ Peter Papoutsis]'s translation of the Septuagint
* R. Grant Jones. [ Notes on The Septuagint].
==Further reading==
* H. Orlinsky. ''"The Septuagint and its Hebrew Text."'' In: '''The Cambridge History of Judaism: Vol. II, The Hellenistic Age'''. Eds. W. Davies and L. Finkelstein. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989.
* Dr. Natalio Fernández Marcos. ''[ The Septuagint in Context: Introduction to the Greek Versions of the Bible].'' Transl. 2nd revised and expanded Spanish edition, by W. G. E. Watson. Leiden: BRILL, 2000. 394 pp. ISBN 9789004115743
* Prof. Dr. Carsten Peter Thiede. ''[ The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Jewish Origins of Christianity].'' Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. 256 pp. ISBN 9781403961433 (''See discussion of Septuagint'')
* Prof. Dr. Jennifer Mary Dines. ''[ The Septuagint].'' Ed. Michael Anthony Knibb. Continuum International Publishing Group, 2004. 196 pp. ISBN 9780567084644
* Prof. Dr. Karen Jobes and Dr. Moises Silva. ''[ Invitation to the Septuagint].'' 2nd ed. Baker Academic, 2000. 351 pp. ISBN 9780801022357
* Prof. Dr. Tim McLay. ''[ The Use of the Septuagint in New Testament Research].'' Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2003. 207 pp. ISBN 9780802860910
* Prof Dr. Wolfgang Kraus, R. Glenn Wooden. ''[ Septuagint Research: Issues and Challenges in the Study of the Greek Jewish Scriptures].'' Society of Biblical Literature, 2006. 414 pp. ISBN 9781589832046
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