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Alexander Schmorell

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[[File:AlexanderSchmorell.jpeg|right|thumb|250px|St. Alexander Schmorell]]The Holy [[Martyr]] '''Alexander Schmorell''' (now also '''Alexander of Munich''') was a medical student in Munich during World War II and one of the founding members of the anti-Nazi group, the White Rose. Along with the other members of the White Rose, he tried to rally popular support amongst Germans to try to resist Hitler and the Nazi regime. He was arrested in February 1943, and was executed on [[July 13]], 1943, at Stadelheim Prison in Munich. On 5 February 2012, he was [[Glorification|glorified]] at the Church of the Holy New-Martyrs and Confessors of Russia in Munich, Germany. He is commemorated by the Church on [[July 13]].
==Early years==
Alexander Schmorell was born in Orenburg, Russia, on [[September 16]], 1917 ([[September 3]] on the [[Julian Calendar]]), and was [[baptism|baptised]] in the [[Church of Russia|Russian Orthodox Church]]. His father, Hugo Schmorell, a doctor, was German, although he had been born in Russia, and had lived there most of his life, except for a time when he studied medicine in Germany. His mother, Nataliya Vvedenskaya, was Russian, and was the daughter of a Russian Orthodox [[priest]]. When Alexander was two years around a year old, his mother died of typhus. His father remarried in 1920. The woman whom he married, Elisabeth Hoffman, was also German, but, like Hugo Schmorell, she had grown up in Russia.
Hugo Schmorell and his family left Russia in 1921 in order to flee the Bolsheviks. With them came Feodosiya Lapschina, Alexander's nanny, under the pretense that she was the widow of Hugo Schmorell's brother. (For this reason, she was buried with the name Franziska Schmorell.) The family settled in Munich, and soon afterward two children, Erich and Natascha, were borne of this union.
Alexander Schmorell was buried behind Stadelheim Prison, in the cemetery at Perlacher Forst. After World War II, the American forces came in and built a base behind Perlacher Forst. When they left in the mid-1990s, they had to sell off the buildings and property. One of the buildings left behind was a church.
By providence, at this time, the [[ROCOR]] in Munich was searching for a church building. They were able to purchase the American church, and in this way, Alexander Schmorell's home parish is now across the street from where his earthly remains are buried. He is pictured In anticipation of eventual [[glorification]] as a [[saint]] he was included on the iconostasis - sans nimbus - among the New Martyrs of Russia when the icons on the iconostasis therewere written in the mid 1990s. ==Glorification==Completing the act of canonization, and is expected to be St. Alexander was [[glorificationGlorification|glorified]] as a New Martyr by the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]]. in Munich, Germany on [[February 5]], 2012.[] ==Hymns==[[Troparion]] (Tone 4) :Today a light adorns our glorious city,:having within it your holy relics, O Holy Martyr Alexander;:for which sake pray to Christ God, :that He deliver us from all tribulations,:for gathered together in love we celebrate your radiant memory,:imitating your bravery,:standing against the godless powers and enemies. [[saintKontakion]] along (Tone 4) :From your mother you did inherit the love of Christ,:and through the love of your care-giver you were nourished in the fear of God, O all-glorious one, :to Whom you did give thyself, O all-honorable Alexander,:and you diligently pray with the New Martyrs angels.:Entreat on behalf of all who honor your memory a forgiveness of Russiatheir sins
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