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Pachomius I of Constantinople

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'''Pachomius I''' was the 172nd Patriarch of Constantinople. He served for two terms, from 1503 to 1504 and then again, after a gap of less than a year, from 1504 to 1513/1514.
His date of birth and early life is not known. He was the [[Metropolitan]] of Zichna before he became Patriarch of Constantinople. He came to the throne amid infighting and intrigues within the Christian “nation”, particularly with the partisans of Joachim I who had been [[patriarch]] before Pachomius’ predecessor, Nephon II. Pachomius was [[despositiondeposition|deposed]], in favor of Joachim I, for his inability to meet the financial needs of the Patriarchate.
Pachomius I returned to the Patriarchal throne in 1504 after the death of Joachim. The patriarchate continued to have financial issues, probably related to the annual tributes to the Sultan. On returning to Constantinople from visits to Moldavia and Vlachia to raise money for the Patriarchate, Pachomius was poisoned by a servant and died in Constantinople in 1514.

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