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Gury of Kazan

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== Life ==
'''Gregory Grigoroevic Rugotin''' was born in Radonezh to a poor but aristocratic family<ref name="stjohndc">[ ''St. Gurias, Archbishop of Kazan''.] Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Washington, DC.</ref>.
He entered the service of Prince Ivan Penkov, where after . After some years he was
unjustly accused of having an affair with the wife of the prince, for which
he was thrown into prison.It is said that after two years, he was miraculously released one day when his cell was filledwith extraordinary light and the door was opened<ref name="kazan_bishops">[ ''Kazan bishops.''] Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church</ref>.
Upon leaving prison, he joined the monastery of St. Joseph of Volokolamsk, where he was [[tonsure|tonsured]] with the name '''Gurias'''. In 1543, he became the abbot ([[Igumen|hegumenos]]) of the monastery. After serving in this capacity until 1552, he left the position and lived for 2 years as a simple monk. He became abbot of the Selizharov Monastery in Tver<ref name="stjohndc"/>

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