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Church of Finland structure

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There are three '''Dioceses of the [[Church of Finland]]''': the Dioceses of Karelia, Helsinki, and Oulu. The seat of the Archbishop of Finland is in the city of Kuopio in the Diocese of Karelia. The dioceses of Karelia and Helsinki were formed in the general reorganization of the Church of Finland after World War II, to adjust to the new national borders of Finland. In 1979, the position of the Bishop of Joensuu was created as a suffragan bishop to assist the ruling archbishop. A third diocese, the Diocese of Oulu, was created in late 1979 with a ruling metropolitan. The [[diocese]] began to function in January 1980.
==Diocese of Karelia===
The [[see|seat]] of the ruling [[bishop]] of Finland and the Diocese of Karelia, the Archbishop of Karelia, is located in the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Kuopio. The diocese is also the home of two [[monastery|monasteries]], the Monastery of [[New Valamo]], for men, and the Convent of [[Lintula]], for women. The diocese, which occupies the eastern part of Finland, is divided up into the following eleven parishes:

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