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St. Nicholas Monastery (Andros, Greece)

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==Further reading==
*"St. Nicholas Monastery and the Island of the Winds," by Mother Nectaria McLees, ''The Road to Emmaus'', issue #7, 2001, Journal Editor [[osource:Author:M. Nectaria McLees|Mother Nectaria McLees]]. []
:''" ... If the Holy Mountain is the garden of the Mother of God, St. Nicholas Monastery is her backyard."''
*''Evlogeite! A Pilgrim's Guide to Greece'', by [[osource:Author:M. Nectaria McLees|Mother Nectaria McLees]]
:A descriptive guide covering over 1,000 active monasteries and churches in Greece along with histories of numerous saints, wonderworking relics and icons, and the miracles associated with them. Includes several maps, photos, lives of saints with their dismissal hymns, several indices, a glossary, English-Greek phrase section and extensive bibliography. Paperback. 949pp. ISBN 978-0971636514
[[Category:Greek Monasteries|Nicholas]]

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