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<br>Be sure to check out my <font color="red"><i>Hours and Typika</i></font color> at, espeially if you live far from a church or cannot get to one easily.
<BR>Also feel free to visit my <font color="red"><I>Interlinear Greek-English Gospel of St. John</I></font color> at
<br>Sample of the Interlinear Gospel: (Note that the default font here is "Symbol" but the Interlinear Gospel uses the same uncial font as that in the Codex Sinaiticus. Also, here you have to highlight the space after "Translation"--(go ahead, try it!) However, in the Interlinear Gospel, a simple mouse-over of the word "Translation" will turn it on automatically):
<br>1 <FONT FACE="Symbol">en arch hn o logoV, kai o logoV hn proV ton qeon, kai qeoV hn o logoV.</font>
<br>Translation: <font color="white">In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and/ God/ was/ the Word.</font color>
<br>2 <FONT FACE="Symbol">outoV hn en arch proV ton qeon.</font>
<br>Translation: <font color="white">The same was in the beginning with God.</font color>
<br>3 <FONT FACE="Symbol">panta di autou egeneto, kai cwriV autou egeneto oude en o gegonen.</FONT>
<br>Translation: <font color="white">All things/ by him/ were made; and without him was/ made/ not any thing/ that was made.</font color>
<br>For a daily Greek Orthodox lectionary, try the <font color="red"><i>Menologion 3.0</i></font color> by Mr. Michael Purcell at (You will find my Greek Bible way down towards the bottom of Mr. Purcell's link. But don't bother clicking on it because AOL pulled the plug in Oct. 2008, and all those AOL sites went whoosh into cyber-oblivion! I guess AOL stands for "All Overnight Loss".)

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