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Second Century (101-200) the sub-Apostolic Age: 105
==Second Century (101-200) the sub-Apostolic Age==
''More commonly referred to as the "sub-Apostolic age", begins and ends with the second century.''
*105 [[Plutarch of Byzantium]]
*107 ''c,'' [[Apostle Symeon|Symeon the Zealot]] (Luke 6:15 and Acts 1:13), 2nd bishop of Jerusalem, is crucified <ref>The crucifixion of Symeon possibly includes Jewish involvement: From Eusebius' '''Church History 3.32.4''': ''"And the same writer says that his accusers also, when search was made for the descendants of David, were arrested as belonging to that family." Sidenote 879: "This is a peculiar statement. Members of the house of David would hardly have ventured to accuse Symeon on the ground that he belonged to that house. The statement is, however, quite indefinite. We are not told what happened to these accusers, nor indeed that they really were of David’s line, although the ὡσ€ν with which Eusebius introduces the charge does not imply any doubt in his own mind, as Lightfoot quite rightly remarks. It is possible that some who were of the line of David may have accused Symeon, not of being a member of that family, but only of being a Christian, and that the report of the occurrence may have become afterward confused."''</ref> at the age of 120, location disputed; ''c,'' [[Ignatius of Antioch|Ignatius]], 3rd bishop of Antioch, martyred in Rome (or ''c,'' 115).

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