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Alexis of Moscow

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By the will of Semeon of Russia (Symeon the Proud), Alexis was appointed adviser to his brothers, Ivan II and Andrew. After visiting [[Constantinople]], he was chosen to become the Metropolitan of Kiev and all Russia in 1354. When Dmitrii Donskoi and Vladimir the Bold were young, Alexius was their spiritual tutor and a regent at the same time. He took the side of Dmitrii Donskoi in his struggle against Tver and Nizhny Novgorod, because of which he once sent St. Sergius of Radonezh to suspend divine services in churches and monasteries until the political strife was over.
In 1360s, Alexis founded the [[AndronikovMonastery (Moscow)|Andronikov]], [[Chudov Monastery|Chudov]], and Alekseyevsky monasteries. He promoted Metropolitan Peter's [[canonization]] by the [[Russian Orthodox Church]]. Shortly before his death, Alexis fruitlessly tried to convince Sergius of Radonezh to become his successor.
St Alexis reached the advanced age of seventy-eight, having spent twenty-four years in the metropolitan's [[cathedra]]. He reposed on [[February 12]], 1378, and was buried in accord with his last wishes at the Chudov monastery. His [[relics]] were uncovered in a miraculous manner fifty years later, after which the memory of the great holy hierarch and man of prayer began to be celebrated.
Alexis was also an author of [[sermon]]s and [[epistle]]s. He was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1448 and has been revered as one of the [[patron saint]]s of Moscow. His relics are were venerated in the Chudov Monastery that he had founded. The monastery was closed by the Communists in 1918, and it was demolished in 1929. St Alexis' relics can now be found at the Epiphany Cathedral. (see
St Alexis is also commemorated on [[May 20]] (uncovering of his relics) and on [[October 5]].
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