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External links with Translations of the Typikon
The '''Typikon''' (Greek: τυπικόν/''typikon'', pl. τυπικα/''typika'', lit. "following the order"; Slavonic: ѹставъ/''ustav'') is the a book of directives and [[rubrics]] that establishes in the Orthodox Christian Church the order of divine services for each day of the year. It assumes the existence of liturgical books that contain the fixed and variable parts of these services. In [[monasterymonastic]] usage, the typikon of the monastery includes both the rule of life of the community and the rule of prayer. There are a number of major typikon traditions, but there are also many local variations, often codified into an official typikon.
==Origin of the Typikon of St. Savas and the Studite Typikon==
He goes on to note, however:
:"In making these and other changes, perhaps Violakes was not innovating but simply giving formal approval to practices which had already become established in parishes. Presumably the Gospel was moved nearer to the end of the service because so few of the [[congregation ]] arrived in time for the earlier parts of Matins!"<ref>''The Festal Menaion'' (Tr. Mother Mary and Archimandrite Kallistos Ware, Faber and Faber, London, 1984), p. 543.</ref>
==Divergence of Slavic and Byzantine Practice==
==External links with Translations of the Typikon==
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