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Jovan VI (Vraniškovski) of Ohrid

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Testimonies for the faith: reactions of the orthodox churches
A third trial for "Embezzlement" is in process, also upon charges of the [[schism]]atic [[Macedonian Orthodox Church]]. He was already found not guilty on the charges twice, but the Court of Appeal has rejected these verdicts.
===Reactions of the Orthodox Churches===
The orthodox churches reacted upon the imprisonment of Archbishop Jovan and appealed for his release.
* [[SCOBA]] Condemned the Imprisonment of Archbishop Jovan by FYROM and asked for his release []
* Holy [[Synod]] Of Hierarchs Of The [[Church of Greece]] expressed a severe protest for an emergent release of Archbishop Jovan from prison, and for respect of religious freedom in FYROM []
* The Patriarch of the [[Church of Russia]] [[Alexei II (Ridiger) of Moscow]] sent a letter to the President of FYROM demanding immediate release of the Archbishop Jovan []

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