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Timeline of Twentieth century saints

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:Hieromartyr Michael the priest [[January 3]]
:Hieromartyrs John Piankov and Nicholas Yakhontov priests [[January 5]]
:Hieromartyrs Alexander and Demetrius priests [[January 8]]
*1919 Death of Saints of Tartu: Platon (Kulbush) bishop of Tallinn, Michael (Bleive) and Nicholas (Bezhanitsky) [[January 1]]
*1919-1922 [[w:Greco-Turkish War (1919-1922)|Greco-Turkish War]]; [[w:Pontic Greek Genocide|Pontic Greek Genocide]] eliminates the Christian population of Trebizond.
*1925 Death of [[Tikhon of Moscow]]; St. [[Jonah of Manchuria]], Bishop of Hankou (1922-1925);
*1928 Death of Hieromartyr Innocentius [[January 6]]
*1930 Michael the priest [[January 7]]
:Hieromartyrs Nicolas priests and Michael deacon [[January 8]]
*1931 Death of Nicholas (Siimo) priest of Kronstadt, [[April 5]].
*1932 Death of [[Papa-Nicholas (Planas) of Athens]];
*1937 Disappearance of Fr. [[Alexander Hotovitzky]], martyred;
:Karp (Elb), [[September 11]].
:Hieromartyr deacon Sergius [[January 3]]:Hieromartyrs Leonidas bishop of Mariysk, Alexander priest and Virgin-martyrs Anthisa and Makaria [[January 8]]
*1938 Death of [[Silouan the Athonite]];
:Hieromartyrs Demetrius and Theodore priests [[January 4]]
:New Hieromartyr Nicetas bishop of Belevsk, [[January 3]]
:Hieromartyrs Basil priest, Macarius and John [[January 5]]
:Venerable Isaac of Optina [[January 8]]
*1940 Death of Hieromartyr Leontius deacon, [[January 3]]
*1941 Martyrdom of [[Gorazd (Pavlik) of Prague]] by Nazis; [[Platon of Banja Luka]], [[May 5]]; [[Petar (Zimonjić) of Dabar-Bosna]],
*1941-45 Croatian [[w:Ustaše|Ustasa]] terrorists kill 500,000 Orthodox Serbs, expel 250,000 and force 250,000 to convert to [[Roman Catholic Church|Catholicism]].
*1942 Death of [[Joanikije (Lipovac) of Montenegro]], [[July 20]]
:New Hieromartyr Sergius priest [[January 6]]
*1943-44 Hundreds of Orthodox priests of the [[Church of Ukraine|Ukrainian Orthodox Church]] eliminated, tortured and drowned by Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - [[w:Ukrainian Insurgent Army|Ukrainian Rebel Army]], aided by [[Eastern Catholic Churches|Uniate]] Metr. Josyf Slipyj who was a spiritual leader of Nazi military units that were later condemned by the Nuremberg tribunal, and who was imprisoned by Soviet authorities for aiding the UPA.
*1945-90 Persecution of the [[Church of Albania|Orthodox Church in Albania]].

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