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Chad of Lichfield

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His exploits were known throughout all Mercia, St. Chad was known to have retired, from time to time, to the bottom of a smalll well where he could contemplate and "pray without ceasing." The people would say that they knew when St. Chad was in his well, "a light like that of the sun, would shine from the bottom of the well." St. Chad was seen in the uncreated light by countless many. His humble prayers could easily cure illnesses and demonic possession. A gifted man of prayer he was also a source of forgiveness even to those who would seek his destruction.
King Wulfere was a pagan, but also a good statesman. He used Christianity to control his subjects, he secretly despised the Faith. One day, the sons of Wulfere, Princes Wulfade and Ruffin were out hunting a dear near the saint's cell, when they approached the saint and asked about "the One called Jesus". So struck by the holy elder's words they both asked to be immediately baptised into Christ's holy Church. Wulfere, so enraged by the actions of his sons, killed them with his own hands. Afterwards, filled with such remorse the King suffered in both body and spirit by the loss of his children. He was counselled by his queen to ask the [[holy elder]] to forgive him and to hear his confession. As he approached the holy hierarch's cell he was witness to a great sight, the [[uncreated light]] of [[Tabor]] that shown upon the saint's visage. The king fell down in prostrate and begged his forgiveness and to '''truly''' bring him into the Orthodox Christian faith. As a [[penance ]] for the murder of his children, the saint told him to build churches and monasteries in the name of Jesus Christ. He did so, and up until the end of the saint's earthly life, King Wulfere remained a humble servant of the holy elder.
===The Seer of Angels===
*[ The Divine Service to St. Chad of Lichfield] ''by Rdr. Isaac Lambertson''
*[ The Akathist Hymn to St. Chad the Wonderworker] ''by Rdr. Nectarios Yangsonfrom Hawaii''
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