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Job of Moscow

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==Early life==
St Job was born into the family of pious tradesmen in Staritsa near Tver in the 1530s. His [[baptism]]al name was John. As a teenager, John knew most of the [[Bible|biblical]] texts by heart and strove to become a [[monk]]. His father, however, insisted on his [[marriage]]. Once, John asked his father's permission to see his confessor in the Uspensky [[Monastery]] in their native town of Staritsa (Tver Oblast). Upon his arrival, John immediately took [[monasticism|monastic ]] vows and assumed the name of Job. He spent fifteen years in the cloister and finally became its [[abbot]] in 1566 with the help of [[Ivan IV of Russia|Ivan the Terrible]], who had made Staritsa his residence in times of the Oprichnina (secret police).
In 1571, Job was transferred to Moscow and appointed abbot of the [[Simonov Monastery(Moscow)|Simonov Monastery]]. In 1575, he became the abbot of the Novospassky Monastery. In 1581, Job was appointed [[bishop]] of Kolomna.
Known as a person of mediocre mental abilities, he, nevertheless, managed to draw attention of Boris Godunov by his talent for reading the longest of prayers by heart in a very expressive manner. During the reign of Feodor I (whose government was controlled by Boris Godunov), Job was appointed [[archbishop]] of Rostov and Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia in 1587.
Realizing the necessity of strengthening the [[ecclesiology|ecclesiastic]] authority in [[Church of Russia|Russia]], Godunov managed to persuade the [[Patriarch]] of [[Constantinople]] [[Jeremias II Tranos of Constantinople|Jeremias II]] to establish a [[patriarchate]] in Russia. On [[January 26]], 1589, Job was elected the first Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. He exercised all his influence and played a major part in Boris Godunov's ascending to the Russian throne.
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