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Beuno the Wonderworker

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Our venerable father among the saints[[saint]]s, '''Bueno the Wonderworker''', Abbot of Clynnog is commemorated by the church [[April 21]]
Beuno was born in Powys, supposedly at Berriew, the grandson of a prince of that realm. After education and ordination in the [[monastery ]] of Bangor-on-Dee in north-east Wales, he became an active [[missionary]], Cadfan, King of Gwynedd, being his generous benefactor…
Cadwallon, Cadfan's son and successor, deceived Beuno about some land and, when the saint demanding justice, proved unsympathetic. Thereupon, Cadwallon's cousin Gwyddaint, in reparation, "gave to God and Beuno forever his township" of Clynnog Fawr, where the saint founded the famous abbey.

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