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Orthodox Media

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Individual shows
*[ Just Thinking] - Current events, social trends and moral issues from an Orthodox point of view with Rod Dreher of the ''Dallas Morning News''.
*[ Orthodixie] by Fr. Joseph Huneycutt. Humor and insight into life and spirituality.
*[ Orthodox Word Podcast] - A source for the daily scriptural readings of the Orthodox Church. Each daily podcast also includes the hymns and readings from the Synaxarion for the Saints or Feast Day.
*[ Our Life in Christ] is an internet radio show based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Originally, they were doing live radio broadcasts on 1360 AM ([ KPXQ]), a Protestant radio station of the [ Salem Network]. Through this ministry they began to offer Orthodox apologetics to Protestants.
*[ Pilgrims from Paradise] by Matthew Gallatin. Practical insight into life and theology from a popular author and speaker.
*[ re/CALL], a podcast for Orthodox Christian teens that looks at how your relationship with God and His Church can help you in every aspect of your life. The program also offers free inspirational graphics for each episode.

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