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Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky) of Kiev

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[[Image:Vladimir of Kiev and Gallich.JPG|thumb|right|300px|St. Vladimir of Kiev and Gallich]]
The holy [[New Martyrs|New Martyr]] [[Metropolitan]] '''Vladimir (Bogoyavlensky) of Kiev and Gallich''' was the first [[bishop]] to be tortured and slain by the Communists martyred at the time of the Russian Revolution, probably by Bolshevik-affiliated soldiers.
[[Saint]] Vladimir was born on [[January 1]], 1848, in the province of Tambov. He was named Basil Nikephorovich Bogoyavlensky. Basil’s father was a [[priest]], but he was murdered when Basil was young.
After the death of his [[matushka]] and only child in 1886, Fr. Basil entered the Kozlov Monastery in Tambov and was given the name Vladimir. Two years later he was consecrated bishop of Staraya Rus and served as a vicar bishop in the [[diocese]] of Novgorod.
[[Image:Vladimir Metropolitan of Moscow.gif|frame|left|Metropolitan Vladimir of Moscow]]St. Vladimir became [[archbishop]] of Kartalin and Kahetin in 1892. He was selected as [[List of primates of Russia|Metropolitan of Moscow]] and Kolomna in 1898 and was notable for his concern for widows, orphans, the poor, and alcoholics. In 1912, he became Metropolitan of Petrograd after the death of [[Anthony (Vadkovsky) of St. Petersburg and Ladoga|Metropolitan Anthony]] and was appointed to the [[Apostolic Governing Synod|Holy Synod]]. In 1915, Metropolitan Vladimir fell out of favor with the [[Nicholas II of Russia|tsar]] because he disapproved of [[Gregory Efimovich Rasputin|Rasputin]], and so he was transferred to Kiev.  In March 1917, Metr. Vladimir was among those members of the [[Holy Synod]] who were removed as members by [[Vladimir Nikolayevich Lvov|Vladimir Lvov]] of the new government after the abdication the Emperor [[Nicholas II of Russia|Nicholas I|]].
It was Metropolitan Vladimir of Kiev who announced in 1917 that [[Tikhon of Moscow|St. Tikhon]] had been elected as [[Patriarch]] of Moscow.
The body of the [[hieromartyr]] was found pierced by two bullet wounds and three stab wounds. He was carried into the lavra's Church of St. Michael, where he had spent his last days at prayer.
The [[All-Russian Church Council of 1917-1918|All-Russian Church Council]] was in session when word came to Moscow of Metropolitan Vladimir's death. A memorial service for the New Martyr Vladimir was performed by Patriarch Tikhon. An investigatory commission was formed to look into the circumstances of Metropolitan Vladimir's murder, but it was unable to carry out its duties because of the revolution. The council decided that the Sunday nearest to [[January 25]] (o.s.) / February 7 (n.s.), the day of his [[Martyr|martyrdom]], would be set aside for the annual commemoration of all of the [[New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia]], killed in the 20th century by the Sovietsand several wars that swept across Russia.
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