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Mark (Forsberg) of Boston

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His Grace, the Right Reverend Bishop '''Mark (Forsberg) of Boston''' was the ruling [[bishop]] of the [[Albanian Archdiocese (OCA)|Albanian Archdiocese]] of the [[Orthodox Church in America]] with the title of Bishop of Boston. Bp. Mark was the successor to Bp. [[Stephen (Lasko) of Boston|Stephen (Lasko)]] who reposed in 1975.
Fr. Mark Forsberg was a [[priest]] in the Albanian diocese of the [[Orthodox Church in America]] before his elevation to the episcopate. After the repose of Bp. Stephen (Lasko). Fr. Mark was [[consecration of a bishop|consecrated]] bishop in 1976 and led the Albanian Archdiocese until his retirement in 198x1983. In retirement, Bp. Mark has been attached to Orthodox Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in Miami Lakes, FL.
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before=[[Stephen (Lasko) of Boston|Stephen (Lasko)]]|
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